1. Learn a few steps of Flamenco and do them really well

  2. Publish a novel 

  3. Buy a Vespa

  4. Own a house in the sun

  5. Take a flower arrangement class

  6. Be a University professor

  7. Do art with my sons regularly

  8. Go on a trip to Germany with my parents and my 

  9. Speak Italian again

  10. See Oprah

  11. Have a really cool office downtown Montreal

  12. Have a job in an artistic field

  13. Buy a very modern house

  14. Take a class on perfumes

  15. Take a class on handwriting

  16. Make a lot of money with my art

  17. Make a bossa nova video

  18. See a David Bisbal Concert

  19. Go on a trip alone

  20. Host a monochromatic party

  21. Take polaroid pictures

  22. Go to the beach in the fall

  23. Be known for my great desserts like my mom is

  24. Learn to speak Arabic

  25. Buy really nice dishes

  26. Go to Greece

  27. Be an inspiration

  28. Have the best beach wardrobe ever even if I don't live by the sea

  29. Be funny

  30. ...

Life List

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