Creative Journaling

I have been writing forever. I started as a teenager in my journal and have never stopped. I write a little every day. To myself. And I love it.


I believe in writing.


I believe in writing about what is going on in our lives and keeping a record of it.


I believe in making lists of dreams (because some of them do come true!).


I believe in writing about gratitude in every day life because even a bad day is a good day.


I believe in glueing picture of things you like in a journal and using colours to express your mood.


I believe in trying out different techniques like spiral writing, writing with the non-dominant hand, writing with music, writing with prompts and so on.


This is glimpse of what creative journaling is all about. It is writing and drawing combined to maximize the access to your interior world.


This gives you power. 


It helps emotions to appear, dreams to become reality and help negative ideas go away.


Creative journaling is fun and makes you feel good.


I feel that when we write and colour, we are connected to the now and to what is really important. They are my favourite workshops to give.


I have a dream that creative journaling should be a mandatory class in schools. I think it would change the world.


Try these two fun exercises :


  • Bubbles : Leave your worries behind

Use a stencil or just your hand to draw bubbles on your sheet and write your worries down in the bubbles.  When you are done, blow your bubbles away or wipe them away.


  • Spontaneous writing.


What brings you joy right now in your life? What are the favourite aspects of your life?

Add a colour to your list once you are finished writing.









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