Perfume workshop

Read this quote by Tania Sanchez, perfume specialist :

  • “But it is highly recommended to avoid simply wearing the thing that you believe matches your style, since it may not. If you are intellectual and wear only intellectual perfumes, or if you are flirty and wear only flirty perfumes, it is like obsessively matching your shirt and socks every day – it is timid and rule-bound and therefore must be countered once in a while with some contrariness. The world is too large and experience is too vast for this kind of thinking. Some mischief and surprise are needed to keep life fresh, for you to smell your perfume anew.  Therefore, I urge you, if you are a floral gal, to set aside prejudice and wear a thing without flowers. If you are a luxury goods kind of gal, with a Kelly bag on her arm and Manolos on your feet, I urge to try something that you believe is beneath you. If you are ultra feminine, wear a man’s scent. And if you are butch, doll it up for once. Live a little. Try it on. It’s only perfume.

  • How do I know if a perfume suits me well?

  • On which body parts should apply perfume?

  • Should I have a signature scent or should I buy a different perfume each season?

  • Can I buy perfume as a gift ? 

  • Do you know how to describe the scents you like to help you find the best perfume for you?

  • Can you recognize the smell of different flowers when you smell a perfume?

  • Should you put perfume in your hair?


Whether you already a perfumista like me or you would like to know more about the wonderful world of fragrance, this workshop is sure to please you.


Watch this video about one of my favourite perfumes.

How to describe this perfume? A floral fruity that smells so sexy. It has fresh notes of lime but what I like the most are the cedar notes. To me, it represents summer farniente and happiness.























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